Chapstick Addicts…Beware!!

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ChapStick Addicts… Beware


I recently had a group of young girls come into our studio, a bride and her entourage of 8 girls. They came in to have their pre make-up application done to see what they would look like on the brides wedding day.   After speaking to them for a moment I noticed that several of the girls had very dry and chapped lips, they were extremely wrinkled and cracked.  I asked them if they had just been hiking or out in salt water or water sking. To my surprise, they all started pulling out chapstick from theirs purses. Some of the girls had the same brand of chapstick and others had different brands but all were the infamous *CHAPSTICK*.  I proceeded to tell them that chapstick is a protectant, it does not moisturize it protects lips from the wind and cold so the lips are sealed from extreme weather to protect them. It does not allow air to get into the lip area. Lips can not breathe where chapstick is applied and it will dry and shrivel lips because of the sealing properties of chapstick . I explained to them that after you are out in extreme weather and use chapstick they must take off the chapstick and then apply a vitamin E lip treatment to the lips for moisture. The lips will be conditioned and renewed with  the proper lip products.

 They couldn’t believe it, they thought that their chapstick was a lip moisturizer and that it was helping their lips be more soft and conditioned. They  told me they were wondering why their lips never got better and were always dry and felt chapped when they did not use chapstick. I told them that chapstick is addicting because it keeps drying out the lips and the user thinks they need more!! But the delicate lips are not getting air so they dry out, so I told them to STOP using it and use Vitamin E lip treatments.  We also looked at a couple of the brands of chapstick they had and right there in big letters it said,  “PROTECTANT”!!!

 Saving your Lips with Peptides 

 Chapstick can be so misleading. It is a great product if you are going to be out in the wind or snow or surfing in the ocean anything that is an extreme weather condition. It will protect. On a day to day bases  lip sticks and glosses can be very good lip conditioners. They allow air to the lips so lips do not dry out. There are plenty of new lip sticks and lip glosses on the market now that allows you so many choices. I prefer the new peptides in lip glosses. It gives your lips 40% more moisture, deeper hydration,  lips look  smoother less lined and more youthful.

 Lip Statistics   Did you know…..

Every year women eat, lick or otherwise smoosh their lipsticks off. Up to 20 tubes of lipsticks are ingested each year. So beware… the ingredience in your brand. Make sure it is fresh. It is better for the lips to have a Vitamin E base instead of a mineral oil base. 

 Always throw out your lipsticks after a year. The oil in the lip sticks go rancid and can be hazardous to your health when ingested.

 When your lips crack and peel for no reason the probable cause is that you are allergic to your lipstick. Lips can not break-out into a rash so they peel and get very dry. It is best to stop using the lipstick you are wearing and find a different brand. 

 Lip plumpers really work!!  They will help improve your lips to be fuller over 20 percent.  It has a smoothing and stimulating effect to the lips which helps collagen reproduction.

 Kissing will also help stimulate and improve the fullness of the lips. Because it stimulates the collagen by smooching!!  So kiss that lucky guy away!!!

Chapstick is a protectant not a moisturizer for the lips.Vitamin E with Vitamin C is the best lip treatment for dry cracked lips. Brand: Fleur Visage at The Rouge.

 A couple of weeks later I met up with the bride and her bridal party to do make-up for the wedding.  They were astounded and relieved to find out the information I had given them. They had purchased the Vitamin E with Vitamin C lip treatments we carry and their lips were back to normal and better. They thanked me and they said thank you for saving their lips!!!!! 

 Wisdom is Power!!!!!!  Take Control….. Save Your Lips!!!!!!







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